The Little Paris Kitchen by Rachel Khoo - The British Amelie of the Kitchen

I bought Rachel's cooking book a month ago and She represents exactly the "vivre à la parisienne" that I want to share on my blog. I was glad to meet with her yesterday sharing a lovely dinner party called "once upon a table", on a peniche facing Notre Dame. Thanks to Fred from (his website will be launched in two weeks). In her book it says that Rachel is the British Amelie of the Kitchen and believe me (living in Montmartre I know exactly who Amelie is) she is, definitely. You can buy her book on Amazone and do not miss her videos on


Paris of milk and honey said...

Oh, I NEED that book, it looks lovely - like your blog, which I just found in time, because I miss Paris so much... Now I'm going to read through all your posts :)! Keep up the great work!

Joanna Rivers said...

As a kitchen designer, there is this specific charm only a Paris kitchen can give. It gives you that particular smell of cheese and tomato sauce that anyone can't simply resist.

Stephen Sanders said...

I am very fond of reading and applying whatever it is written is a cookbook. t has been my number one frustration to be a chef, but I like to cook now more than ever and I need not to be a chef to be able to do what I want. I would just like to share some things that I really want to learn since I was able to lay my hands on wholesale meats in melbourne. I'd like to dig up some recipes that would be perfect for them.

Paige Newton said...

I got lots of herbs and spices at home that were all given by my mother to make me pursue cooking. She is successful in doing so. I am now mad about cook books and staying long hours in the kitchen.

Ian Holdermold said...

I love French cuisine. They always have the best taste in liquor as well. I usually buy wines online and seem to encounter a lot made specially y the french and it's just exquisite.

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Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Hi Lisette! Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm going to get this book. I love French cooking - I've been trying to master French macarons lately. So glad to have met you online!

Riya chauhan said...

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Jeremy Adkins said...

I wonder if all the kitchen in Paris do have an installation of glass splashbacks. Having an installation like that in every kitchen really makes it beautiful.

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Lois J. Bell said...

How much is her cookbook? The recipe seems interesting and I think that she has great passion in food.

Jennifer Thomas said...

Wow! Seems I could learn many recipes of various kinds of dishes by having that cookbook. I'm just wondering what could be her possible specialty in the dishes or pastries she bake.

Vicky Harrington said...

Wow! Just the perfect gift for my mom who fancies cooking and baking for this coming valentines day. The cookbook looks awesome, and you just gave me the idea that I'll include this to the gifts I'll be giving to my mom, thanks a lot!

Keira Barnes said...

Thanks for the link on Youtube! I'm now practicing cooking so this cookbook will surely help me. Tools are indicated in each recipe right? Now that's what I should save for, kitchen tools and utensils!

Darren Kensington said...

French cooking seems like a good line to take on for me right now. All I need is to pick this book up, and then I can whip out all the new cooking utensils I have. Have to practice my cooking skills.

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Jasmine Shah said...

Paris is the perfect place for me to live in, aside from the way of living; I’m also fascinated with the people living in there. Since I still don’t have enough money to move in there, what I do is I buy things that are related or close to Paris like this cookbook; I even made my kitchen a Paris inspired room to give me the feeling of being in Paris.

Poppy Sanderson said...

I do agree with what Jasmine said, I also love everything in Paris. Actually my living room area is my favorite place in our house because it's Paris inspired all of the figurines and the appliances were related to Paris.

Allison McNally said...

i feel that i am in paris when i read you blogs. ill always be updated with your blogs, keep posting more power godbless.

Ellis Griffin said...

Just like Allison, it does feel like I went to Paris when I am on this blog. This just shows the expertise of the blogger.

Sofia Vincent said...

Wait, what? Paris is not only the center of fashion in the whole world, but also the center of sweet sweet sweet desserts. Oh, how I love cooking and baking Parisian recipes especially the macarons they are my all time favorite.

kevin smith said...

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